Imagination is defined on Wikipedia as “ the faculty of imagining, is the ability to form new images and sensations in the mind that are not perceived through senses …Imagination helps make knowledge applicable in solving problems and is fundamental to integrating experience and the learning process.”

Imagination is essential in marketing, design, graphics, multimedia, engineering, communications and many other areas.  It is the single greatest element for standing out in a crowd, for creating an invention or new process, for the advancement of science. It’s how we learn and grow as a species.

Think about it. Any website you visit, video you view, communication you remember, viral campaign, catchy song, advertising message, or memorable movie owes its success to imagination. Our imagination inspires us.

It is with this concept that I launched “Imagine8ive (or imaginative for the more literal folks). “ My company strives to find the most unique and relevant way to get your communications heard and remembered.

Our services include (but are not limited to):

  • Website design and development
  • Multimedia
  • Audio and Video creation and editing
  • Interactive design
  • E-Learning
  • Communications, Marketing, and Social Media
  • Print Graphics

Even if you don’t see a service you need, give us a call and let’s talk. Feel free to peruse this site; maybe it will give you some ideas for your next big thing.


Websites are your storefront to the world. You want people to come in and take a look around. Below are some case studies for websites we’ve done.

Leasing_Desk_GuideGSA Leasing Desk Guide and Lease


Client: GSA (General Services Administration of the U.S. Government)

Services Provided: Website development and design within the confines of a proprietary Content Management System (CMS).

GSA serves the entire nation and U.S. Government and they were tasked with providing information on all of the leases they have in their real estate inventory. In accordance with FOIA (the Freedom of Information Act) they were tasked with posting all leases with which they dealt. I helped them to design a website that fit within the confines and scope of their CMS, as well as providing interactive links with their Leasing Desk Guide document.




Client: Carol Sontheimer

Services Provided: Website design and development, social media (including a facebook business page and a pinterest board), photography, and copywriting.

Carol Sontheimer is a fine artist who works with fused glass as her medium. She is a member of the Northern Virginia Handcrafters Guild and has a studio in Vienna, VA. She sells her works online and at select shows. She also gives demonstrations and teaches select classes occasionally. Currently she has her work displayed at the Burne Gallery in Middleburg, VA.

We set up a calendar of events with several slide shows to help her display her work online. We did product photography and copywriting for her website and set up a facebook and Pinterest board for her to help her increase her presence.


FineLinesDCFine Lines DC


Services Provided: website design and development, logo and branding design, printed materials, SEO, Mail Chimp email marketing campaign development, Social Media development and marketing

Client: Cathy Trybul

Fine Lines DC  represents quality manufacturers of fine interiors products;  custom office furniture, flooring, and surfacing materials. Some of their vendors include: Avion, Contract Finishes, LSI and Woodtech.

We developed their logo and branding look and feel and helped them to establish and email marketing campaign through Mail Chimp. We also developed printed peripheral materials.


InteriorResourcesDCInterior Resources DC


Client: Jeff Loss

Services Provided: Website design, development, and SEO, printed business cards and materials, email marketing campaigns and social media.

Interior Resources DC is a manufacturer’s representative group which provides turn-key sound solutions (for privacy, comfort, and for emergency notification), and represents manufacturers that offer unique architectural materials (Polar Moss living wall cover and My Mosaic, a revolutionary nano polymer tile that allows the designer to put any image into mosaic art) along with ergonomic office products and furniture.


JustRestorativeSchoolsJust Restorative Schools


Clients: David Jagels and Vickie Shoap

Services Provided: Website development, logo design, copy writing, RSS feeds, video feeds, blog development, and SEO

Restorative justice began as an ancient Native American method of dealing with conflict. It gathers all the members from both sides of a conflict together. They then examine what happened within the conflict, and how it affected all sides. From there, a plan of action is established to bring restitution to any injured party.

Restorative Justice has helped cut recidivism (the relapse back into a behavior) and has opened many dialogs within communities creating a positive path for change. Not only can restorative justice be utilized in criminal situation but it has been very successfully applied to school systems as well. Most notably in Fairfax County Public School Systems.